The Alliance for Youth Action is a network that connects youth-led grassroots political organizations across the country, and equips them with tools and funding to make an even bigger impact in their communities. I was hired for a recent social media campaign that would aim to inspire more of the Alliance's audience to become monthly donors. 
The prompt here was simply to come up with concepts that would speak to potential donors. I imagined the target audience to be people in their late 20s to mid 30s, who are passionate about voting and supporting progressive ideas, and would want to contribute to these local organizations ideally with their own time, but if that's not possible then maybe through monetary support. And since my aesthetic is already very 90s-nostalgia, it was the perfect vibe to bring to this message intended for millennials. 
After talking with the client about their goals for the campaign, and brainstorming different ways I could put a fun spin on the message,  I sketched out my top 5 favorite concepts for the client to choose from. They chose to combine sketches 1 and 2 for their first pick, and sketch 5 for their second pick. 
I refined those ideas which became the following final drafts:
While illustrating these images, I also had to keep in mind that these would be cropped to different dimensions for different platforms, so I drew them with a template visible that showed me the area that would be visible in all three croppings, and I made sure that key information stayed in that space. I also presented the images to the client in mockups of the various formats, so they could see how it would change for different uses.
This was such a rewarding project and I would love to have more politically-oriented clients like this in the future!
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