Lola Tried is an amazing indie garage-punk band based in Austin, Texas. I was honored that Lauren (the writer / lead singer) asked me to do the album artwork for their most recent album, called Renvers. 
Since this album was written in the midst of 2020, when many of us were confined to our homes, Lauren thought it would be appropriate to depict her in her bedroom with her instruments for the cover art. But instead of a straightforward portrait, her head would be replaced with a vintage 80's boombox. 
Since she already had a clear vision for the concept, the sketch phase was just a matter of establishing a layout and refining the details, running it by Lauren as I went and making changes based on her feedback. You can see this progression of changes in these three sketches. 
After this third sketch, I had Lauren's approval to move forward to the final draft. This final version has many embellishments but stays true to the layout and general color scheme of the last sketch. 
Such a fun project!
If you want to check out the album, go to:
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