Good Christian Fun is a podcast for all those who grew up with a steady diet of Christian pop culture and WANT SOMEONE TO TALK ABOUT IT WITH. Co-hosts Kevin Porter and Caroline Ely provide comedic insight into the movies, shows, and music that make up this very interesting (and very weird) niche of media. 
I have been a fan of the show since it's first few episodes released, so I was elated when they hired me to create a new series of enamel pins for the merch store!
They only wanted two or three new pin designs, but being the super-fan that I was, I couldn't help but send ELEVEN ideas in the initial brainstorming phase, all based on inside-jokes that would be familiar to their loyal fanbase. 
The clients chose their three favorites, no tweaks needed, and I moved on to vectorizing!
The vector files were given to the vendor, who then produced photographed the final products. 
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