The Greenhouse is soon to be the most picture-perfect wedding venue in Orlando, Florida. I created this initial branding kit for a dear friend who is working to launch an event venue near her home in Orlando that would center around a greenhouse being the main reception hall. I wanted the venue's branding to feel luxurious, ornate, but also vibrant and tropical. 
While the complexity of the horizontal logo (above) does well to communicate the vibe of "luxurious estate", I knew that they would also need a square, simplified version of their logo for various digital applications (below).
I provided a more full color palette, with neutrals and an accent color (coral pink), as well as patterns on hand that tied into the logo graphic.
In the example letterhead and business cards I show how these brand assets can be used throughout the venue's design materials. 
Social media profiles are a good example of where the simplified logo will come in handy. 
The botanical/ornate elements of this logo fit in SO WELL with the other illustration work I do, I hope I have the opportunity to tackle many more branding projects like this in the future!
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