Talk Purity To Me is an instagram account focused on critiquing  the "purity" movement that many children and young adults were indoctrinated with (and traumatized by) in the 1990s and early 2000s. Blair (who runs the account) uses humor to  create an inviting digital space for her audience to bond over their shared experiences and discuss ways in which they are healing from this toxic ideology. 
When they account really started gaining traction, Blair hired me to create a cohesive set of digital assets that would give her account a more polished look. This was a fun hybrid of an illustration project and design/branding project!
We started the project by creating a color palette and four custom post "templates", backgrounds that she could put text or images over, that were specific to Blair's content. Since she often communicates through memes and silly videos, we wanted the tone of these templates to be fun and lighthearted.  ↓
I then created a larger set of simpler templates that utilize the same color scheme, so that Blair would be able to  mix up the posts often and not need repeat them too frequently.  ↓
Lastly, I designed a new avatar and highlight covers that matched the posts templates.  ↓
A before-and-after of the Talk Purity To Me profile. ↓
A before-and-after of the Talk Purity To Me grid. ↓
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