This logo for Sensi Girls 101 Podcast was a blast to create, mostly because the creative brief was "create a unicorn-butterfly-rainbow-y explosion about having a lot of feelings". Dream project. Done. 
Knowing that the podcast was about being sensitive, I focused on symbols like tears, rainbows, and clouds/sunshine. I experimented with lettering styles that would nod to the type of bubbly/curly lettering that you'd expect to find in a middle schooler's diary (when we ALL remember having a lot of feelings). I provided the client with six intial concept sketches to choose from using these symbols and letters, and the Lisa-Frank-inspired color palette they had requested. 
The client liked the layout of the first sketch, and wanted to see it combined with the more cursive lettering style. I provided four color options with these combined elements.
The client chose the first color combination, and ultimately decided to return to the bubbly-block letters that were in the initial concept sketch.
After refining the sketch with the client's requested tweaks, I recreated the image as a vector. It's hard to tell the difference here, but the final product has clean edges and more consistent line widths than the sketch. 
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