Some fun fan art for one of my favorite podcasts ever, My Favorite Murder. In this show, co-hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark tell each other about the true crime stories that have haunted them the most, using humor to diffuse the horrific details of the crimes. I thought it would be funny to imagine them in the context of a cultural symbol that couldn't be further from their crass humor and morbid interests, Barbie dolls. 
KAREN DOLL™ is equipped with a USB drive containing the full archive of "I Survived" episodes, a voice box that can list the filmography of any actor you name, and fully functional pepper spray.
GEORGIA DOLL™ is equipped with a wine opener, GPS navigator to the nearest vintage dress store, and an emergency phone line to call your dad if you realize you're in a cult.
ELVIS DOLL™ just meows.
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