Since Broken Pencil Magazine could not host their annual zine festival in person in 2020, they came up with an interesting approach to make the virtual festival as fun and easy to explore as possible. The virtual event was all based on an illustrated map, filled with different "lands".  
(Image above is not my work) Each "land", when clicked on, would open up to a new illustration, which had clickable items within the illustration. Each clickable item would open up to a different zine-maker's page. They commissioned a different artist for each land, I was invited to create the "Mail Mirage". 
They thought my psychedelic colors would be appropriate for a "mirage", and indeed this assignment was a perfect fit for my style. I had so much fun cooking up this trippy desert scene!
On the festival's website (no longer live), all the items of mail and the mail boxes were links that would lead out to a new artist. This whole fantasy map concept was such an interesting way to create opportunities for their audience to "explore" online like they would at the in-person festival!
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