This is a collection of some of the fan art I have done over the past year or so for shows and podcasts that I love. This first image is inspired by the INSANE Netflix documentary series, "Don't F**k with Cats". 
I drew this amid the Tiger King craze at the beginning of Covid19 quarantine, but specifically in response to the Joe Exotic vs Lisa Frank comparison memes that were making their rounds on the internet. Since I have a "Lisa Frank vibe" I was getting tagged in those a lot, so I decided to make my own!
Baby Yoda (from the Star Wars spinoff "The Mandalorian") was the subject of the most intense phase of fan art I have ever seen on the internet, and I couldn't help but join in on the fun. 
This fan art is for the limited series podcast "Staying In with Emily and Kumail", created by husband and wife duo Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon. The podcast focused on how to get through the global quarantine brought on by Covid19, and their humor was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise bleak period of time. 
These last two pieces are a bit of a loving parody, for the podcast Good Christian Fun. Since the show focuses on critiquing Christian culture, I thought it would be funny to draw both of the hosts as saints, including some nods to particular inside jokes for listeners of the show. 
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