In the Breakup Hair Handbook, there are multiple instances of humorously reimagining a familiar paper item. Certificate of achievement, wedding invite etc. Those who have read the book often suggest to me that I should actually produce these items. So, to celebrate the book's release, I am making available these print friendly versions of my favorites, to anyone who wants them!
To download a PDF of these items, click HERE
This certificate of achievement comes from the end of the book, where I explain that a breakup is not a failure. It takes a lot of effort to reexamine your relationship, to work on it, to communicate problems to your partner, to eventually admit that it's not working anymore, and then to work up the sheer amount of willpower needed to let go of someone you cared for and reimagine your life without them. Instead of feeling like a failure, you should be congratulated for accomplishing such a feat. 
The bingo card is for swiping on dating apps with your friends. We've all been there, right? At first, dating apps seem so promising. At the beginning, you take it seriously, consider every candidate. But eventually, it becomes so disappointing that it starts to feel more like a game, something you do when you're with other single friends who can commiserate, laugh with you about the weird profiles, maybe even trade phones and swipe for you! This bingo card is making fun of what dating apps soon become, a catalog of "bad signs". 
I think it's actually functional as a game too! If you and a friend are looking at different profiles, then the cards don't need to be different.
And then there's the wedding invitation turned "breakup announcement". During my own breakup, I got so sick of having to explain over and over again that yes we had broken up, and a brief summary of why. We had a wide network of mutual friends, and they all wanted to know what had happened. I didn't particularly enjoy hashing this out over and over, and I wished I could get it all over with at once. Thus, the fantasy of the breakup announcement was born. Wouldn't it be great if you could get it all over with at once?
Again, if you want the print-friendly versions, DOWNLOAD HERE.
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